Thanksgiving Wishes

Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. As we enter this holiday season, let us always remember that thwe things we do, the things we have, are are blessings from God.

May we not be caught up with the trees, the gifts, the travelling, the planning, but rather with sharing Christ through our actions. I’m not talking about the “fight” to keep Christ in Christmas (that will be another post soon) but rather people seeing God’s love through us in the way we present ourselves in the stores; especially for the early bird sales – are we showing Christ then or falling into worshipping the god of materialism and selfishness?

Reminds me of a phrase from a few years ago that has gone by the way side as it has been (and stil is) mocked. That is WWJD (What Would Jesus Do). I think we need to rephrase and refocus and revise it (like me three “r’s” for the message hehe) to be WDJS (What Does Jesus See). What will He see in your heart this holiday season?



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