Awana Simulcast Workshop 1 – Recalibrate

Larry Fowler Executive Director of Global Training spoke on: Recalibrate

What’s your job in Awana? It is not a Spark’s leader, etc… but to get the Word of God into the heart of a child

Simply reciting the verse is not the target.
Remembering is a better target
Target is not long term memory, it is the heart

Less Recitation – More Memorization
More recitation – less remembered
Neither: We want to get As much of God’s Word as we can – As deep in the heart of a child as we can – In as many children as we can  (from BTO)

3 things to recalibrate

1)  Recalibrate the target – not recitation, not remembering, but the heart
What is your target?

2) Recalibrate the Aim

Get closer, it improves your aim, build relationships
– love them
– show emotion
– model

How to aim for the heart:
– Teach meaning
– Ask questions
– Encourage repetition

3) Recalibrate your tools

Use props, Music CD’s, 3×5 cards (flash cards), anything to help them get it deeper.


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