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Awana Simulcast Workshop 2 – Rethink

Shawn Thornton, Senior Pastor of Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village, CA spoke on ReThink

Shawn helped taught us to rethink our role in Awana. So often we focus on our role in Awana and making it through the night. He helped us to rethink who we are here on Earth.

Ambassadors are:

– Sent
– Building Bridges
– Serving Others

Don’t ever think that you are just a leader, director, etc. Rethink who you are in your ministry, you are an ambassador of Jesus Christ sent by God to a special group of people.

In the rush of Awana night THINK I have been sent by God to minister here!

You need to engaging the kids in your care through the entire Awana night. Don’t stand in the back during gametime, be on the line interacting with the children. Sit with the kids during large group time as well. The night is more than just listening to verses. Build bridges!! You build bridges into the lives of the kids entrusted to you by interacting with them and you are building bridges between the kids and Jesus Christ.

Great leaders are not interesting to those they lead, they are interested in those they lead. So think about yourself, are you more concerned about them listening to you, or you listening to them and engaging them in their lives? If you show them you care, then they will care about what you say. Rethink how you interact, or don’t interact, with the children around you.

You have been sent to serve the special group God has before you.

You are not “just” a worker in Awana, you are an Ambassador for Jesus Christ!!


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