Imagine several churches that use Awana working together, sharing what has worked, what has not worked, encouraging and praying for one another. Can you imagine the impact that could be made for the Kingdom, reaching boys and girls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

That is the vision of Commander Bill. Realizing that there are thousands of Awana clubs in the U.S. and wondering how many are “re-inventing the wheel” to more effectively reach the children in their community, I wondered what could happen if we networked together, shared resources and encouraged one another. That is why “CommanderBill.net” was begun.

You will find me as “Commander Bill” on the Awana Forums, and as people began to request files from individuals on the forums, CommanderBill.net became a “clearing house” where people could submit files they had developed to share with others.

The site is maintained solely by “Commander Bill” and it can be an arduous task at times. Yes, “Commander Bill” is a real person and serves on the ministry teams of Awana missionaries in Maryland, No. Virginia, and Pennsylvania. I have led workshops on various topics for several years, led several trainings and was part of the first class of Commander College 301 graduates.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to ask.  I’ll do what I am able.

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