Awana @ Home – Jelly Telly Edition

I received the copies of the newest Awana at Home Kit this week.

I gave it a quick once over and saw a similar format to the first Awana at Home Kit with the Adventures in Odyssey. The  lessons are in a magazine format with just one DVD with the Jelly Telly videos. I’ll get to that one shortly.

There is  DVD that introduces the Awana at Home program. I liked how it is set up to play automatically and then after the intro DVD, it asks if the child currently goes to Awana and then plays the appropriate video depending upon their answer. At the end of the video, it directs them to items on the Awana web site, resources and tools. That is a nice way to integrate things and have families find information easily.

The second DVD has the video lessons from Jelly Telly on them. If you are familiar with the “What’s In the Bible” DVD’s from Phil Vischer, then you will be very comfortable with these DVD’s. Even if you are not familiar with the “What’s In the Bible” DVD’s, you and you children will like the format. If you have not yet see the What’s In the Bible DVD’s, then be sure to wait before you select which group of lessons to go to from the main menu. If you have seen the What’s In the Bible DVD’s, then you can skip it, but it is always fun to watch.

I was very pleased with what I saw. In today’s society, these videos will help hold the attention of the children (and adults) while they learn Biblical truths. Good for families who have children who attend Awana, and for those who do not. All around, a good tool to use for a family faith night.

If you would like to purchase the Awana at Home Kit, you can find it here…
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Awana at Home Parent Kit Review

Awana at Home Parent KitI received my order which included the Awana at Home Parent Kit. I was not planning on ordering a copy because I have been reluctant to continue to follow the Awana at Home materials because I have been disappointed with what I have seen to this point. Unlike most, my original introduction to what Awana at Home has become was many years ago at the Vision Conference for what was the Rorheim Institute. At that time I was very excited about what was envisioned, but I soon realized that the vision was not taking place the way I thought it might. I became skeptical that Awana would develop a quality resource and I didn’t know if I wanted to take a chance ordering yet another product that I thought might disappoint.

I have to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised! The magazine enclosed explains the concept behind the Awana at Home Parent Kit and includes the basics for an Awana at Home night for 24 nights, which would be 24 weeks if planned once a week. Included is also a tracking chart so families and the church’s Awana at Home Director can track them as they go through the 24 lessons. This provides a level of accountability as well since there would be an “outsider” checking to see if the family is continuing with this family time. The “lesson” for each of the 24 weeks is an episode of Adventures in Odyssey and the magazine contains discussion guides for each lesson and a take-away.

The intro CD included does an excellent job of explaining the Awana at Home concept as well as letting parents know about the various products and resources available from Awana to help disciple their children.

I am very pleased with what I have seen with the Awana at Home Parent kit. It approaches parents in a “non-threatening” way and explains how they can use it in their unique family setting (no two families are identical) and provides tools to help them with the night.

If you have families in your church, or wherever, that are seeking for a quality resource to help them raise their children to know, love and serve Jesus , then I encourage you to share this resource with them.

Click here (or on the image) to view and purchase the Awana at Home Parent Kit

Guide – T&T Book 1 for Parents – A Review


Guide is in essence identical to the Bible BASED leader which follows along T&T Book 1. The content is the same, the book has been revised to be more appealing to parents as opposed to leaders, though it is good for both to use.

This is the third revision to the Bible BASED Leader (now called GUIDE) since its inception a few years ago. The differences in the revisions have mainly been in the appearance and most recently the target audience. The other difference is how it references the credit for the Rorheim Insitute received.

This is the latest attempt by Awana to work with parents and to get them involved in their child’s discipleship.  The subsequent books will be going through a similar revision over the next several years.

I have not inquired and do not know if the new name of this book will have any impact on, or reflects, the change coming in the T&T program and the pending renaming of Book 3 & 4 or if they will rename Books 1 & 2.

If you have not yet purchased the Bible BASED Leader, then I strongly encourage you to get the Guide – T&T Book 1 for Parents.

If you have already worked through the book, let us know your thoughts about it.

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