Over the weekend, I will be moving the blog to a new location. The new address will by This move will allow me more flexibility with the blog.

If all goes well, then it will be seamless to you. But as we all know, nothing is guaranteed.

Thank you for your patience during this time.


I’m a Kidmin!

Do you know what “kidmin” is?

If you clicked here from the new web site,, then you know that “kidmin” has become the term for anyone involved in Children’s Ministry, i.e. kidmin.

One of the great things about kidmin people is their willingness to work with, not compete, with others in ministry. The networking opportunities are seemingly endless. It fits right in with the goal and purpose of, to network people to have a greater impact for the kingdom.

So if you are looking for others serving in kidmin, just go to and locate yourself. I’m already there, see if you can find me!

What is

Maybe this is your first visit to because you heard about it at a training, a conference, a friend told you, or you stumbled upon it looking for Awana resources.

When I began serving in a local Awana club several years ago, I quickly thought “how much more effective could all of the Awana clubs be if they worked together, sharing resources and ideas”. That was the beginning of what is now known as

Initially it was a place for people to share files and documents to help clubs administratively and has grown to what you see today. A place to share items, ideas, information and forms.

The classified section helps you share materials, the forums help you share ideas and the download area helps to share forms. As described by one member, it is like a social network for Awana! That is the goal, a place to network the thousands of people serving in Awana at all levels. While this site is a great resource, do not forget the information and resources provided by Awana on their web site ( Our site is meant to compliment what Awana is doing. The site is still maintained by one person, me, “Commander Bill”, so if you do not see something right away, please be patient. I am truly humbled by the response the web site has received over the years. Please feel free to provide feedback on the site as that serves to make it a better resource for you and others who visit. If you have resources you would like to share, please let me know and they can be added to the site.

So share this site with others who serve in Awana. Our prayer is that this site will help you in your Awana ministry and ministry to children and youth. If there is anything I might be able to do to help you, please feel free to ask and I will see what I can do.

The Awana Missionary Question/Answer…

You may have seen the poll about whether Commander Bill Should be an Awana Missionary. 60% said yes as of this post. The question, addressed in the original post, is, where is God leading me?

The question was posed to see how others viewed “Commander Bill” and not to help me discern God’s will. So let me answer the question about whether or not I plan to apply to be an Awana missionary.

The short answer is… no.

I truly enjoy serving with the Awana missionaries and consulting with clubs and leaders about how to reach children more effectively. But for various reasons, I do not believe God would have me be an Awana missionary at this time. I am serving as the Associate Pastor of Children & Youth (bi-vocationally) at my church, and I believe that God has placed me here for this time. Being bi-vocational is challenging and there are things that frustrate me, but this is where God has me serving at this time. I would love to serve full-time in children’s ministry, but God has not opened that door and Awana is not currently the path for me.

So while I am humbled when people suggest I should be an Awana missionary, and I am truly humbled by the many served by my web site, I need to focus on my position in the church, where God has placed me.

If I may be able to assist you in anyway, please feel free to ask. Together, we can do great things for God!

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Remember that commercial and ones like it? People would do some strange things for an ice cream bar. Well, I am planning on having a contest and I am considering what the winner should receive.

So, stay tuned for details coming next week!

Is Commander Bill an Awana Missionary?

Some may wonder if I (Commander Bill) am an Awana Missionary. The short answer is “no”. I am not a faith supported missionary for Awana as one would think. I am often asked by some missionaries, Awana staff, and others about being an Awana missionary. Yes, I do have an answer for them that I will share later. Various people have differing views about whether or not “Commander Bill” should be an Awana Missionary and so I thought I would open up to “public debate” that discussion.

Okay, okay, I know that we all want to answer God’s call and we should be serving where God has called us. There is no debate there. I am currently serving as the Associate Pastor of Children and Youth at my church (bi-vocationally) and I believe that is where God would have me serve currently, but one must also look at doors that God may be opening at various times.

So, having said that… please feel free to participate in this poll and add any comments you wish. I am curious as to what people are thinking 🙂


The NEW!!!!!

Yes, I have been working on a new community. I hope it will be more interactive, allowing members of the community to post what worked well with their theme nights and what needed to be “tweaked”. By sharing our successes and failures, I am hopeful that it will strengthen all of our ministries.

The site is complete with the exception of adding a few of the files from the download area which I will do over the course of the next week or so. The domain will be switched over by the end of March, but pages on the “old” site will begin to direct people to the new community.

For now, just CLICK HERE to see the new community site. Let me know what you think and sign up to be a member!!!

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