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NOTE: Commander Bill serves on the ministry team of various Awana missionaries, and has access to the database of questions used by missionaries to create the questions for their quizzes. He has also created questions used for the actual Bible Quiz in the region he has served. Consequently, Commander Bill, to avoid the ‘appearance of evil’ and to maintain the integrity of the quizzing, does not provide practice study questions. Commander Bill highly recommends using the Quizzing Game on CD shown below.

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Commander Bill’s Quiz Study Guides
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Book 1 (Discoveries 1 – 4) – KJV
Book 1 (Discoveries 1 – 4) – NKJV
Book 1 (Discoveries 1 – 4) – NIV

Book 2 (Discoveries 1 – 4) – KJV
Book 2 (Discoveries 1 – 4) – NKJV
Book 2 (Discoveries 1 – 4) – NIV

Book 3 (Challenges 1 – 4) – KJV
Book 3 (Challenges 1 – 4) – NKJV
Book 3 (Challenges 1 – 4) – NIV

Book 4 (Challenges 1 – 4) – KJV
Book 4 (Challenges 1 – 4) – NKJV
Book 4 (Challenges 1 – 4) – NIV

Bible Quizzing Game on CD-ROM for Awana

This is an excellent resource to help prepare your clubbers for quizzing, or to help them review their handbooks! The softwQuizzing Game CDare allows you to “practice” speed and multiple choice questions using the computer, or print out questions for use in a practice quiz session!! You can even add your own questions to their already extensive database of questions! This CD is good for T&T, Trek and Journey. Tell them you heard about it from Commander Bill!
(NOTE: Commander Bill is not affiliated with and receives no compensation from the sale of this quizzing game)

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