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Please note that Awana does not currently endorse or acknowledge any of the third party software products for Awana record keeping

There are several software packages available today to help you administer your Awana club. The purpose of this information is not to promote one product over another, but to give you a place to compare the various software products available. In a brief survey, I discovered that most Awana clubs found one software option and began to use it, not comparing it to other products to see which one would best meet their need. While the products are similar in nature (they are all designed for Awana recordkeeping), we encourage you to evaluate various products and see what it the best for your club. Information displayed is from the software manufacturer and I want to thank all of them for their time in helping me compile this information. (The software is listed in no particular order)

Click here for a side-by-side comparison of these software products.

  • These are are third party products and are not affiliated with Awana Clubs International.
  • does not receive any compensation from any of these products
  • If you select any of the record keeping products as a result of visiting our site, please let them know where you heard about them.

The Approved Workman database software is designed to help club secretaries reduce their record-keeping burden, and to help leaders spend more of their precious time in ministry to kids instead of completing paperwork.

The database lets you easily transition from an inefficient paper-based record-keeping system to a streamlined program on a laptop or desktop computer. You will be able to perform vital tasks more easily, quickly, accurately, and in less time than you currently spend. You will be able to view, analyze, and work with your data in ways that would be nearly impossible with paper records.

The Awana RecordKeeping software (ARK) is a program originally designed for use in the author’s home church. As people began asking for copies of the program, a website was developed to make it available to more people. Since then, refinements have been added and more are planned, as time permits. Many useful suggestions have been received from users of the program. As time permits, documentation is being added to help you in downloading and using the program. Hopefully, it will prove a blessing to you and your Awana group.

Clubmouse Pro is an exciting product that uses the latest MS .Net technology. An SQL server database engine services virtually an unlimited number of records. The look and feel of the program is a professional user interface that offers features found to be essential and popular with Clubmouse customers over the past 12 years.

Originally intended for personal use, ClubNite Manager was created by a Club Commander and has been continually refined over a period of five years before its first release to the public as the commercial product you see today

ClubDB is the low-cost record keeping system for your Awana club. ClubDB works well on Pentium computers running Windows 95, Core Duo computers running Windows Vista, and everything in-between!

Click here for a side-by-side comparison of these software products.

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